National Teens for Life


Founded in 1985, National Teens for Life is the official youth outreach program of National Right to Life geared specifically toward teens. The pro-life movement is the humanitarian movement of our time, and, as young people, we can play an important role in it.


Our parents generation gave us Roe v. Wade. We grew up with legalized abortion and the promise that it would "solve" a host of social problems, but we know differently. After four decades and more than 55 million dead babies, we know that non of our problems have been solved: they have worsened. It is our responsibility and privilege to right this wrong and put an end to abortion-on-demand.


We are "the abortion generation," but we are fighting back. We are fighting for those who have gone before use, whom we will never have a chance to meet, and we are working to ensure that our children and our children's children have hope for the future.

National Teens for Life Advisors

Joleigh Little


Derrick Jones

What can you do for the most defenseless in our society?


Be knowledgable on both sides of the arguments on abortion, infanticide, and euthanasia. Learn about fetal development, methods of abortion, and the physical and emotion consequences of abortion on women, their families and society. Contact your state affiliate to the National Right to Life Committee and ask for any brochures, books, or videos that they offer free of charge or on loan.

Be willing to speak the truth in love to those who might have questions. Never be obnoxious, but calmly present the facts. You could also start a Teens for Life group in your community. Just download the starter pak on this page to get started!

Be willing to give of your time at a local pregnancy resource center, a pro-life candidate's campaign office, or your local or state Right to Life organization.

Educate your teachers and classmates by keeping the issue at the forefront of your English, social science, and biology classes.

Use the excitement and energy of your youth to bring about new ideas for the pro-life movement.