National Right to Life Academy

A five-week summer training course for pro-life college students


The future of the pro-life movement rest on the shoulders of our youth. The National Right to Life Academy is an outreach of the Educational Trust Fund that empowers today’s college student leaders with tools to carry the fight for life into the future.


Different from a traditional pro-life internship, the Academy is an intensive college-level summer course held at the National Right to Life office in Washington D.C. The comprehensive Academy education equips students to be more effective pro-life advocates on their campuses and in their future careers. Academy graduates are making a difference today!

Launched in the summer of 2007, the Academy was created by the National Right to Life Committee staff to build on the work of the National Youth Pro-Life Coalition, an enormously successful lobbying training program in the early years of the pro-life movement. The NYPLC was the training ground for many of today’s pro-life activists, including Representative Chris Smith, and our own Academic Director, Burke Balch.


The National Right to Life Academy is a pro-life educational boot-camp for student leaders who want to refine their pro-life passion. Graduates from the Academy are equipped with the tools and training to defend life in any battleground, whether it be on a college campus or in the office of a congressman.


I know that I will draw on the knowledge and experience of this Academy’s training for years to come.

-Heather Wilson, ‘08